Hi, I'm Stephanie!

Founder of Chase Life Wellness

I live in the Dallas area (w/a lot of animals, my hubby and daughter) but I’m originally from Philly! ✌🏻

My entire career has been about marketing and advocacy.

Five (nearly six) years ago, life was illuminated for me when I got fed up with sickcare in our country and started to educate myself on the things in our society that is making us sick. With that, I started to learn how my body systems function and learned what supplemental support they needed for optimal function. The company that I aligned with had it all from true toxin-free cleaning solutions, to makeup, to animal care and beyond. All solutions coming from the plants from their farms all around the world.

There’s been such transformation in myself and others in the last five years. I am super passionate about social activism/advocacy as well as, empowerment. There’s no greater joy then when someone I helped realizes they now have the power to control their own health and their families health. When they apply the education, hunger for their own research, become passionate about their lane of purpose ... well, it’s just magic. We have women in group who are passionate about helping other women learn how to regulate their hormones to increase fertility. (5+ miracle births!) We have moms who help moms with daily life hacks. We have people (me) passionate about animal rescue and comforting abused animals through emotional support through anointed prayer. We have people serving on missions around the world infused with our plant power.

Every person has brought to the tribe something special bc every person has their own testimony and reason for wanting to know better, do better... what will yours be? Are you enough? Will you choose YOU? What I’ve learned about my ONE vessel I get this lifetime is priceless and to think it all stemmed from a bottle of oil. I am grateful. I am praying these words prick your heart and resonate within a teachable spirit. Let me help you, I know I can.

"Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can." -Princess Diana

My passion is to show up and offer hope to others.

I wear a lot of hats but they're all centered on hope.

Holistic Remedies Education (herbal, nutrition and essential oils), Chemical-Free Home Coach, Emotional Release/Trauma Healing Coach, Life Coach, Vision Board Workshops, Bullet Journal Workshops, Affirmation Writing Workshops, Crystal Therapy Advocate, Faith-Based Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master.

One of the most important tools I have in my hope briefcase is the wellness, purpose and abundance blessing of Young Living.

I share about Young Living bc of the quality of life they gave my miracle son Chase, for the time God granted us with him.

I have spent the last six years immersing myself in all I can, about God's purposeful provision in plants - to be able to show up and offer hope in this hurting world.


But, it all started with Baby Red (pictured here to the right.)

Summer of 2014- He was a puppy and came down with something extremely deadly to dogs.

I was financially strapped at the time but had my oils kit (which I hadn't touched) by the suggestion of a friend (despite my "um yeah, sure okay!" attitude)- I used an immune support blend and a digestive support blend... and he survived.

I thought if they can do that for my DOG what can they do for me and my family.

Now, if I were to go into the many many blessings we've experienced in my nearly SIX years with oils this would turn into a dissertation but trust me...

You need oils.

Your dog needs oils.

Your baby needs oils.

Your family, friends, neighbors...everybody needs OILS!

Education is everything and my goal is to help people KNOW BETTER AND DO BETTER!

I'm happy you're here.




Favorite Oil: Valor

Favorite Supplement: Powergize

Can't Live Without: Idaho Blue Spruce


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