Hi, I'm Heather!

aka "Momma Knows Grace!"

I’m a wife to Austin and mom to Finley and one on the way 😻. We are a wild bunch, quite untraditional in most aspects, but we just like to keep life fun!

Here’s a little about me....
When I was 13 I had a heart attack caused from a heart deformity that was only found afterwards. Because of that traumatic experience and knowing that I’d live the rest of my life with this deformity, it caused a lot of fear, anxiety and panic attacks. Eventually that led to thyroid modules and a multitude of different organs not functioning properly because that’s just what happens when your body has been subjected to constant stress, fear and anxiety over many years.

Short story time: I used to love using scent plug ins and smell good laundry detergent. Little did I know how toxic whose were and how much they sludge up your endocrine system! I realized how many terrible things I was putting in my environment and on my body after my thyroid started growing 2 MASSIVE nodules.

When I joined Young Living it was because I was trying to support my thyroid function and all my anxiety. Not only did I find oils that have REALLY helped (Stress Aways has changed my life!), but I’ve discovered so many products that reduce/remove the toxins in my home which make the BIGGEST difference when trying to heal your body. From diffusing to application to supplements and home cleaning product I’ve noticed a massive difference in my energy levels, lower feelings of stress/anxiety/fear, and I don’t have to fear my child getting into toxic cleaning products!

If you or anyone you know have thyroid issues, suffer from anxiety/fear or other body function problems, reach out to me! I’d love to show you how to get the toxins out of your body and your life in order to live a more vibrant and healthy life!

Much love,
aka Momma Knows Grace

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Favorite Supplement:

Ningxia Red


Can't Live Without:

Stress Away




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