Hi, I'm Courtney!

Oily Mama of 4🤱🏻 Fire Wife 🚒

Young Living Oils Dealer 😎 Chase Life Wellness Advocate

and a Master Gardener planting seeds of wellness everywhere!

Hola!  I’m Courtney and this is my husband Marcus.  We started dating when I was a junior in High School, and we are still going strong.💕

My handsome husband is the Fire Marshal of our town and my biggest supporter.  He's also the best baby daddy I could ever ask for!😉

We have four amazing kiddos.  Ava our oldest daughter.  Hudson our only son.  Mayher our little wildflower, and Demi our baby. 

These humans are my WHY. 

WHY I decided Young Living and then WHY I decided to make it a business.  I decided on Young Living Essential Oils because I wanted to take my family’s wellness into my own hands.  I wanted to support our immunity, and take expensive doctors visits and prescriptions out of the equation because we simply don’t need them.  Growing up, we got sick, we went to the doctor, most likely got the pink antibiotics and sent home.  My mother would spray the entire house with Lysol & use bleach to keep the germs from spreading. 🤢 Do you have any idea how horrible this was and IS?!?  NOW...I use Thieves Household Cleaner for ALL of my cleaning needs...literally ALL of my cleaning needs...you know what Thieves smells like? Christmas. Yes please. 🙌🏼

We have to change this cycle of “that’s what we’ve always done...or that’s the way Mama & Grandma did it”. TIME TO MAKE LIFE BETTER. TIME TO WAKE UP and realize just because it’s what others have always done doesn’t make it RIGHT. 🐵

My family is worth it to me, I AM worth it to KNOW BETTER & DO BETTER.  

I chose Young Living because they are the only Essential Oils company with the Seed To Seal guarantee.  I have been able to visit and tour their Lavender Farm in Mona Utah (and you can too...whenever you want 👍🏼) it’s a beautiful sight.😍 I have the comfort knowing that every Young Living oil and product I use on my family is 100% safe for their bodies. No Toxins. No Carcinogens. Nothing that would do LONG TERM damage to our bodies. SAFE. 

I chose to do Young Living as a business because I honestly LOVE the product, the lifestyle, everything about Young Living. And when we love something, what do we do? We tell our friends and family. We share how much we love it and talk about how we use it, share testimonies...it’s EASY to share what you LOVE...which in turn makes it EASY to share Young Living! Then Young Living says Thank you for sharing by giving you a paycheck 💵. It was an easy decision that I DO NOT regret for one second. 

I would love nothing more than to help you take you & your family’s wellness in your own hands.  We have to change the cycle, there is a different way. 

Read this.

It is based on a true story.

There is a different way out there.


Favorite Oil: Stress Away

Favorite Supplement: Ningxia Red

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