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All about Young Living’s monthly subscription box called Essential Rewards, or ER for short. Essential Rewards is the ULTIMATE Online Shopping! We are excited to tell you all about it’s greatness! 

Whether you’re a regular essential oil user or you’re looking to replace the gross chemical filled crap we all have in our homes, ER is definitely for you! We’re going to walk you through it all.

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What is Essential Rewards
Who has a Starbucks ‘Gold Card’? We gotta get those points, ya know?! You get free stuff if you get 125 Stars, y’all. Or maybe a punch card to a juice bar, and if you buy 6 you get the 7th free. You get the point.

Well Essential Rewards, it's Young Living's version of that. ER is our customer loyalty program. It is a totally OPTIONAL program that helps you earn FREE products!
The best part about the program is that there is no commitment or contract.You can sign up for the program at anytime in your oil journey. If you don't love amazing products getting dropped off by the FedEx man each month, you can cancel anytime! Hahaha.

This program will allow you to build your oil and product collections and start sharing the love of oils with your friends and family. (more on that later.)

With ER you will get a monthly order of your choosing. It’s kind of like having a monthly subscription box except you get to customize the products in your box every month.
You choose what you want, and you can change it a million times before it ships. You choose what date, the payment method, and address you want it to show up to. It’s all up to you! Which is amazing. Most subscription box type of things are like, “You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.” Thumbs down.

The only ‘requirement’ is to place one 50 PV order per month. 1 PV generally = $1. Some exceptions apply. (PV= point value).

Here’s what Essential Rewards offers:
Earn 10% back of your total purchase in store credit for months 1-3
Earn 20% back months 4-24
Earn 25% back months 25+ (this….is…CRAZY!!!)Where else can you go shopping and ALWAYS get a big percentage back??

NEW Loyalty Gifts
• 3 months: free 5ml Peppermint Vitality 
• 6 months: free 5ml Thieves Vitality 
• 9 months: free 15ml Tea Tree 
• 12 months - Exclusive Loyalty Blend
• ER Anniversary (after 1st year) – Exclusive blend created annually

TIP: You can gather orders from friends and family to add onto your monthly order. This will help you meet your minimum requirement of 50 PV per month. You can see how this will add up quickly and you will be well on your way to earning free promotional YL products and store credit!

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Minimum Order
Like I said earlier, there is a 50PV minimum, per month! You only get ONE Essential Rewards order per month. So, make it count! You can make as many ‘quick orders’ as you want, however you will not receive ER points on any quick order purchases. Does that make sense? (please ask if you have any questions at all!)

Here's what makes ER so awesome--you can always change your order to fit your needs for the month. If you need ALL oils, guuuuuuurl, get all oils. If you want to start replacing your chemical cleaning products with family safe, oil infused cleaning products, do that! RIDICULOUSLY amazing skin care? Yep.

You can get anything you'd like in your ER order. You NEED Thieves Household Cleaner in your life. Seriously, its the best!! If you have a hard time maintaining energy throughout the day, Super B is a supplement that gives AMAZING energy!!! MultiGreens….its packed to the brim with superfoods (blue/green algae/bee pollen/barley/wheatgrass etc). Those ingredients are life changing for your body/cells/systems. INCREDIBLE.

Be sure to look up the monthly promotions before you adjust your order for the month to so you don’t miss out on any additional freebies. The monthly promo freebies require that you purchase 100/190/250/300 PV all in ONE order. (more on this later.)

*Note* - The ER minimum requirement is 50 PV. Business members do their orders a little differently to get full compensation. Make sure if you are a business member you talk to your enroller

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Your Monthly Order
You can change the date you want your order to ship on! No problem. Just log into your account, go to Essential Rewards, and then edit the ship date. Easy peasy.
You should totally put it on your calendar to help remind yourself to edit your order before it processes. If you DON’T change your ER order, the exact order will autoship on the date you chose, the following month.

Don’t need anything a particular month? (You won’t have this problem) Ask your friends and family if they need anything and offer them your wholesale discount (24% off). You’ll likely be able to find a few people that want to get an oil or two that will cover your 50 PV minimum.

PV Assistant: this is magic. Sometimes things sitting in our ER carts can go out of stock (OOS). BUMMER! It can effect your PV. So, PV Assistant, bumps a product of your choice to ‘fill in’ so your order still gets processed seamlessly.
What products can you NOT live without? Do yourself a favor and figure out what the PV is for each product. We bet that you’ll soon see that your well-loved products will easily fit into the 50 PV per month minimum! (for me: EVERY month, I have a 15ml bottle of Lavender, a 15ml bottle of Cedarwood, and Ningxia plus a ton others in my ER cart.)

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More Freebies/Promo
Every month Young Living provides promotions for members who spend 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV or 300 PV. (Remember you can only do ONE Essential Rewards order, not a few orders totaling 100 PV, 190 PV etc.). I included a graphic to show your November’s promos. They are INCREDIBLE!
Sooooo….not ONLY are you getting 10% back, to start with, but you get a TON of free product if you reach the promos! EVERY single month. Whaaaaattttttt. Young Living is seriously generous. It’s nuts.

If you cannot figure out what oils to buy, start by talking to the person you bought your kit from. That person will be able to help you research and decide what will work for you. Or look in your Product Guide that came with your kit and find a new product that you want to try!!!

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How to sign up
You can talk to the person who you purchased your kit through and they will walk you through it or:
1. Log into your Young Living Account
2. Go to "Essential Rewards"
3. Fill your cart like you're online shopping. We can ALL do that, right!? Haha.
4. You’ll set your date! (if its too close to the end of the month, it might bump you to the next month. You can call and process it right then, over the phone! No problem at all. That way to still get THAT month’s promos.)
5. Put your card info in!
6. Put your address in.
BOOM. Thats it!

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Let’s talk about how to ‘spend’ your ER points!
Start by checking to see how many points you have accumulated. You will see this in your Virtual Office at in the top left under Rewards Point Balance. You can also go to the Essential Rewards section and go to the Rewards Points tab to see your earning rate and rewards balance.

To use your points, place a Quick Order. Log in to your account, add items to the regular Quick Order shopping cart. When you check-out, there is an option to use your Essential Reward Points as a payment option. These Essential Rewards points can be used like cash toward your favorite full-PV products.

Tip #1: Not all products are available when cashing out your ER points. You can only use points on FULL PV items. Diffusers and expensive oils (Rose) are examples of products that are not full-PV. Items eligible will have a blue banner next to them in your cart.

Tip #2: Start replacing all of your supplements, household cleaning products, bath and body products and skin care products with Young Living products and it’ll be a cinch to commit to 50-100 PV on ER. The grocery store doesn't give you 10% back on your shampoo, soaps, cleaners, etc!! Lol. Why not order though Young Living, get it shipped RIGHT to your door, and get points for purchasing!? It’s a win win. ( Video to come on this)

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Already on ER?/Opportunity
If you are already on ER, spending 100+PV and you are sharing with friends? And you are LOVING your oils. guess what? You can totally help others get oils in their homes, and bring them SO. MUCH. HELP. If you share your oils, and a friend wants the kit too, they can sign up under you. You will make $50 for each friend who signs up under you with the Premium Starter Kit! HOLLA!

The way WE do the business, doesn't feel like the normal MLM model. NOT AT ALL!

No cold calls, no irritating sales talk, no ‘who wants to change their life???? Message me for details!!!!” we just DON’T roll that way.
NOBODY likes that. Sorry.

So, if you find yourself saying, “I will NEVER sell oils.” but you're on ER, and you are sharing with friends? You should really consider helping your friend get set up with a kit! It’s not about making a quick buck. It’s about getting oils into people’s hands. It’s about helping your friend sleep, who can’t sleep, or to be able to take a deep breath from some Stress Away when they’re having one of “those” days.
Helping people doesn't feel like a 'business'. But thats all we do! We help people, and yes we get paid for it. And you can too. My life has changed because of helping people use these amazing oils! I NEVER ever thought I would do something like this as my 'job'. Im SO glad it happened to me, though. My family is forever changed and grateful.
Checkout the Income Disclosure Statement here: 

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THANK YOU for joining us!! Essential Rewards is such an amazing way to get oils and supplements or skincare and toxic free ‘cleaners’ dropped right off at your door step….and get a percentage back. For MORE…free stuff….its crazy.
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have!