Did you know that... Cleaning products with ingredients such as, bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc - Can put pets at risk for cancer, anemia, kidney and liver damage!

If you could find a way to help your pets stay healthy, happy, and long-lived using non-toxic substances that are safe, non-toxic, and effective, would you give it a try? Would you like to also find a way to save money while using these natural solutions? Keep scrolling!

In the case of our animals, they trust us to make the best decision when it comes to their health and well-being. That's why it's so critical to understand the need for plant-based products to support them - from tasty treats, to bath time, emotional support and beyond! What's also really cool is that Young Living gives a portion of the proceeds from the Animal Scents line to support Vital Ground, a non-profit protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlife.


Animals LOVE plants.

Pets often eat plants as a natural impulse to help them regulate their digestive system.  Fresh plants have the nutrients of essential oils but in small
quantities. Our pets NEED essential oils just like we do!

There are 3 ways to harness the power of essential oils. First, essential oils can have a powerful impact on animals when  inhaled. Second, essential oils can be applied topically on animals, often diluted in a carrier oil like olive oil or in a spray bottle with purified water. Third, some of Young Living has a line of essential oils labeled for internal use called the Vitality Essential Oil line. These oils can be used internally by putting a drop in our pet’s drinking water or for some larger animals like horses, directly in the mouth.

Again, plant remedies and essential oils have been used on animals for thousands of years. Young Living members have used essential oils successfully on dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, and even with tropical birds. Before we get into any particulars, let’s talk about some precautions and general guidelines for using essential oils with animals.


Seed To Seal

Not all essential oils are created equally. I am sure you've saw posts floating around online that maybe deterred you from using essential oils with your animals. I am here to calm your fears and to tell you that pure therapeutic grade essential oils when used properly are nothing to be feared but rather embraced! After all, it was an oils testimony with my own dog that made me a believe in the power of oils in the first place!

The common denominator in those stories is people using fake oils, full of synthetics in improper ways that yes, is dangerous. The common grocery store oil has just 5% oil and the rest dangerous synthetic filler- sorry, the oils didn't work, you got a headache or your pet reacted but you've been using flavender (fake lavender.) Read more here:

Pure therapetuic grade essential oils are nothing but nature and can drastically enrich your family's health - including your cats. But it's imperative that you have proper education as you incorporate oils into your lifestyle (hello, here to help!)

But YL (Young Living) has got your back, always!

Young Living will never knowingly compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices.

Young Living has a SEED TO SEAL guarantee and promise. The company abides by very strict guidelines to fulfill the promise to send pure products to your home.

Young Living is the ONLY ESSENTIAL OIL COMPANY that owns their own farms globally to source the plants from their native land.

Their farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.

They select the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants.

They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.

They harvest at peak times to ensure quality oils.

They distill on site without chemicals.

They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up.

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness.

PLEASE take a few minutes to visit the website and see why this is just something to truly be ever so grateful for- the lengths YL goes to bring you nature's farmacy in it's true natural unadulterated form >>>


A Little Goes A Long Way

Essential oils are concentrated volatile liquids. This means they are strong and very potent. When determining how much of an essential oil to use on your animal, adjust the dosage of an essential oil according to the animal’s weight. For example, if the protocol for a human being (160 lbs) is 6 drops, then a dog at 16 pounds would only need 1 drop and a horse at 1600 pounds might use 60 drops. A parakeet weighing a quarter of a pound would only need and tolerate a drop of essential oil in a 4 oz. spray bottle filled with water lightly misted around their cage or one drop of an essential oil in a water-based diffuser close to their cage for 10 minutes.


How To Use

When you first start using essential oils with animals, start slowly. For example, you can take a drop or two of the essential oil, rub it into your hands until it’s mostly absorbed, and then just pet your dog or cat. Stay away from the animals face as it might get in its eyes or sensitive tissues.

Animals, especially cats, metabolize substances differently than humans do. Plus, animals are not generally as toxic as humans so a little bit of oil goes a long way.

When using an essential oil on cats, you will either use the petting method or dilute it! A general rule of thumb might be 5 drops of essential oil to 50 drops of olive oil or V-6 oil. 15-20 drops to 1 tablespoon is fantastic. Then you will use only a drop or two of the diluted preparation at a time. You can use empty essential oil bottles to keep your diluted oils for use on your cats.

Be aware that cats may not like citrus oils, and you should also avoid using more harsh oils on them like oregano, thyme, and peppermint. They are hot to them, burn their skin, make them sneeze, and are difficult for them to metabolize unless they are highly, highly diluted.

With dogs and horses, on the other hand, you can generally use all of the essential oils you use on people without any problems.

In the cases of hooved animals you can apply the oils on the frogs and cornet bands of their hooves.

Essential oils can also be used internally especially on bigger animals. The bottom lip of a horse can be pulled out and the 10-15 drops of essential oil applied there. For a similar issue in a medium-sized dog, it might only take 1-3 drops of essential oil. Some people have put diluted essential oils into capsules and used them as suppositories on bigger animals such as horses. You can also mix the oils in water and use a spray bottle to cover a larger area if you need to.

As a precaution, watch how your animal reacts to the oils you give it. In some rare cases if you see your animal have a reaction to an oil, then immediately give the animal about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil by mouth to dilute the effects of the essential oil in their bloodstream.


  1. DIFFUSING - Gentle way of supporting the animal through the diffusion of the molecules within the oils to support not only their environment but their bodies as they inhale the aroma.
  2. PETTING - Take one drop of oil, rub it in your hands and then pet down the animal.
  3. INTERNALLY - Put one drop of essential oil in your pets food or water to support them internally. You can also make them yummy treats with Ningxia Red (our superfruit drink) and of course, the oils!
  4. INDIRECT- Put a drop of oil in your palm and rub it into your hands then place your hands on something in their environment.
  5. WATER MISTING- Add water and an oil into a spray bottle and spray bedding or animal directly.
  6. OIL MISTING- Mix an oil with carrier and spray your animal. One drop to every four ounces is a good start.
  7. TOPICALLY- My most common practice- you can apply down the spine, or on the chest for emotional support, as well as, the paws/hoofs, etc. (Scroll down for canine reflexology points!)
  8. RAINDROP- An ancient method of applying a set of oils in order to the feet as well as, down the spine approximately six inches above the fur from tail to head.

I spy with my little eye OILS in this miracle story from The Dodo - check it out here.


A Word From The Expert Dog Trainer, Cesar Millan shares, "You can place a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on your hands and let your dog pick up the scent. It's best to do this in association with pleasant experiences such as feeding time or before walks. Do this as often as possible. The positive association will allow the dog to remain calm and relaxed."

Also, Animal Scents T-Away can be supportive in conjunction with Lavender for when the sky goes boom.

Rescue Friends: When trying to catch a frightened dog- place a few drops of lavender around the food, the dog will eat the food and associate his/her food as being safe AND having the smell of lavender - so when YOU approach the dog, wear lavender and since you'll smell like his or her food - he'll believe you're safe too! Yay!


Let's Talk Products

One of the first steps to helping our pets enjoy optimal health is providing a clean, non-toxic environment for them to live in. Most commercial household cleaners on the market are made with toxic chemicals that can build up in your pet’s system through time and slowly wreak havoc on their health. Pets absorb chemicals on the ground through their paws and chemicals in the air as they breathe.

I highly recommend Young Living’s Thieves household cleaner for cleaning just about every surface in your house. This plant-based, non-toxic cleaner is cheaper than store-bought cleaners and totally safe for the whole family including pets. You will also want to ditch your perfumed air fresheners, candles, and scented waxes. These products are scented with chemicals made from toxic petrochemicals, and inhaling them over the day can have the same impact on your body as smoking cigarettes. Instead, diffuse essential oils such as Purification that not only neutralizes bad odors in the air, but literally purifies and cleanses the air. Instead of filling you with poisons, Purification oil will provide a healthy boost to you and your pets as you breathe it in.

To safely and very effectively neutralize pet odors, urine, and other bad smells, make a homemade spray with purified water and several drops of Purification oil and use it to mist areas of your house such as animal beds, furniture, and around the litter box. Add a few drops of Purification or other essential oils such as lavender to 1⁄2 c. of baking soda and mix well. Sprinkle this over clean cat litter for a two-fold impact – it will help the litter box to smell fresher for longer, and a small amount of the oil will be absorbed through your cat’s paws where it will contribute to her overall health. This is a far better option than using commercially scented cat litter, which is toxic for both you and your pet!

Pictured: Litter-Aroma & Thieves Household Cleaner


The benefits of Purification oil don’t stop at deodorizing. Purification has the fantastic side effect of helping your pets enjoy the outdoors annoyance-free. Purification oil contains citronella, tea tree, and lemongrass essential oils among a few others, and insects dislike the aroma. Make a spray and mist Purification oil over pet bedding. You can also safely mist your dog or cat with Purification oil spray. Young Living has another fantastic oil blend, RepelAroma, available in the Animal Scents Collection, that also contains citronella and several other essential oils and comes pre-diluted in coconut oil for ease of use. Apply 2–4 drops to your hands and pet onto your animal’s coat. Use less for cats and smaller dogs. Add to a spray bottle and spritz generously on your animal’s coat or skin, or diffuse.

Next, for optimal health it’s crucial that animals have unlimited access to pure, clean water. When a person becomes more conscious of their health, one of the first things they do is stop drinking tap water and start drinking pure water that is filtered. Our pets will also greatly benefit from drinking purified water. A fantastic, mild essential oil to add to drinking water and which is beneficial to overall health is Copaiba Vitality oil. Copaiba oil comes from a tree that grows in the Amazon, and it flows right out of the tree when it is tapped! The native peoples of the Amazon have enjoyed the myriad of benefits of this powerful, all- purpose oil for thousands of years. Add a drop to your dog’s water bowl. You can try adding a drop to your cat’s water, but some cats may turn up their nose. If this is the case, you can dip a toothpick in the top part of the copaiba oil bottle and then  swirl it in the water bowl. You can add a few drops to a horse trough. Write this down: copaiba oil has the highest levels of beta-caryophyllene of any essential oil and is also extremely high in alpha-humulene. Do a Google search on these 2 compounds to learn why we recommend this oil so highly for overall health!

Another essential oil to add to the water of horses and larger dogs is Peppermint Vitality oil. Add a drop of this cooling, refreshing oil to larger animals’ water on hot, summer days to help them stay cooler. It will have a side effect of supporting their digestive health. Horses and dogs may also appreciate a drop or more of Lemon Vitality oil in their water, and it has a gentle, purifying effect!

Targeted Nutrition

Just as with humans, proper nutrition is essential for our animals’ health. Besides providing the highest quality food we can to our pets, which I highly recommend you research, there are some nutritional supplements from Young Living that can help provide additional support.

NingXia Red is supportive of optimal health for people and also can be great for our pets! NingXia Red is naturally high in antioxidants, and supports normal cellular function, proper energy levels, and eye health. Horses can be given NingXia Red strait, even an ounce or more at a time especially for horses engaged in strenuous activity. Give up to an ounce of NingXia Red to big dogs and as little as 1⁄4 ounce to very small dogs. Mix with wet food, give it strait by itself in a bowl, or give in a bowl diluted in water. Cats may or may not love NingXia Red but you can always offer it by mixing 1⁄2 teaspoon to 1 Tbsp. in wet food or diluted in water.


Ningxia Red for the WHOLE FAMILY!


Other great nutritional supplements for animals include, MultiGreens is a fantastic Young Living supplement that boosts vitality and works with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems. You can give horses up to 5 capsules of MultiGreens per day. Give dogs 1 capsule per day for every 10 lbs. Cats can be given 1⁄2 to 1 capsule per day, opened and mixed with wet food.

Our animals can also greatly benefit from digestive enzymes. Young Living’s Essentialzymes-4 or MightyZymes, in particular, can be given to our pets. Start with a pinch of an opened capsule mixed with wet food and increase gradually for larger animals.

Speaking of digestion, DiGize Vitality oil is a Young Living blend that has peppermint and other oils in it, and is specifically targeted for the digestive system. Add anywhere from a toothpick swirl for cats to a few drops for horses to wet food. You can also pet cats or small dogs with a little DiGize oil on your hands or substitute DiGize in the Raindrop technique that I’ll talk about later for additional benefits.

ParaGize oil in the Animal Scents Collection blend contains ginger, peppermint, spearmint, and other essential oils and is pre-diluted in coconut oil. Add 2–4 drops to water or wet food as needed.

Incidentally, cats who don’t appreciate Copaiba Vitality oil in their water will usually be fine when it’s added to their food. You can add a drop to a cat’s wet food to help support their overall health and soothe any bodily irritations. Another way to encourage your pet to ingest small amounts of Copaiba Vitality oil is to pet them with that oil on your hands. They will lick it off their fur as they groom themselves and benefit as a result.


Our pets are subject to the same stresses to their skin as we are, and there is nothing like essential oils to help support healthy skin and tissue! In the event of stress to the skin, Purification oil or PuriClean in the Animal Scents Collection are great choices for topical application. Both blends contain tea tree oil which is renowned for its gentle cleansing ability. Dilute Purification oil for use on cats and smaller dogs. PuriClean is pre-diluted in coconut oil. Put 8–10 drops of either Purification or PuriClean in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water for a quick and easy skin-cleansing spritz.

After using PuriClean or Purification, you can use either Infect Away or frankincense oil on site. Dilute frankincense for use on cats and smaller animals. Infect Away is pre-diluted in coconut oil. You can also put 8–10 drops of Infect Away or frankincense in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water and spray on site to support the skin’s health.

Lastly, after using the oils above for at least a few days, you can use Mendwell or lavender oil on site to further support healthy skin. Again, dilute the lavender oil for cats and smaller animals. Young Living’s Animal Scents Ointment is a fantastic, non-toxic ointment to use on cuts and scrapes or skin irritations of any kind either by itself or along with the oils I already mentioned. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes stressed skin, and also seals in the oils.

In the event of bites and stings from insects, apply a dab of diluted Purification or PuriClean on site to help soothe.


Animal Scents Shampoo

For all animals, to clean all types of fur and hair. Insect repelling and killing! It's all natural with FIVE essential oils to help cleanse, shine and enhance grooming without the hazards found in most commercial pet shampoos.

You can DIY w/oils and thieves household cleaner to make your own animal shampoo as well!

animalscents CAT


Animal Scents Ointment helps everyone from horses, cats, dogs, babies bottoms and even YOUR paws too!

Animal Scents Ointment is a protective, soothing salve designed specifically for external use on animals. The gentle and safe formula is enhanced with pure Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and Myrrh, two of nature’s most powerful essential oils.

Animal Scents salve contains no synthetic compounds or harmful chemicals unlike most of the commercially available salves for our animals.

Great for dry and cracked hooves and quarter cracks-apply on coronet band.

Check out these amazing testimonials!

animalscents dog

PAWS! Treat time!

I have to take a moment to tell you about the Animal Scents Cat Treats & Dog Dental Chews!

Animal Scents Cat Treats are tasty and convenient snacks formulated without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or fillers and are made of high-quality, natural ingredients. These treats come in zipper pouches to seal in freshness.

  • Great reward for good behavior
  • Infused with Ginger essential oil
  • Delicious taste and crunchy texture
  • 3 calories per treat
  • Made with naturally derived ingredients
  • Contains no wheat, soy, corn, or fillers
  • Formulated without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Animal Scents Dental Pet Chews are tasty treats that support oral health with specially designed ridges that gently remove buildup on your pet’s teeth. Oral care is just as important for your furry friends as it is for you, and now maintaining a happy and clean mouth is as simple and easy as tossing your pet an Animal Scents Dental Pet Chew!

Because we know you want to give your pet the very best, we made these snacks without artificial colors and flavors. Sound like something you and your pet can agree on? Support your pet’s oral care with this simple snack!


The Raindrop Technique

One of the most powerful ways to support the overall health of our dogs, cats, and larger animals such as horses is through the Raindrop technique. This technique has the ability to help balance the system, and it’s a great idea to do this technique with our pets on a regular basis such as monthly or weekly to help them stay healthy, vibrant, and happy. The Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection includes 9 essential oils and is a powerful boost to your pet’s overall system. It varies greatly depending on what type of animal you’re working with. Horses and large dogs, for instance, can tolerate neat or straight application of the Raindrop oils while cats and small dogs require the oils to be highly diluted and applied in a quick and easy fashion.

Horses respond very well to Raindrop, and in general they will take 6 drops of each oil in the Raindrop Collection applied along the spine. Do a search on YouTube to see a few ways to administer the Raindrop technique to horses.

For medium to larger dogs, use 1-3 drops of each oil along the spine. Have V6 oil on hand to dilute if needed. Again, do a YouTube search to watch a video demonstrating the technique on dogs.

For cats and very small dogs, you will pre-dilute the oils by adding 2 drops of each Raindrop oil to an empty 15 ml essential oil bottle, then fill it up the rest of the way with V6 oil. You’ll use 3-6 drops of this highly-diluted solution for each application along the spine of kitty. It only takes seconds to apply. Do a search on YouTube to see it demonstrated. Again, I must stress that most especially with cats, you absolutely MUST follow the directions of very high dilution.

For more information on how the Raindrop technique can support our pet’s health, you can do a Google search to learn about each of the oils involved in the treatment: oregano, thyme, marjoram, basil, cypress, peppermint, wintergreen, and the two essential oil blends Aroma Siez, and Valor. Other Young Living essential oils may be substituted as needed.


Horses & Oils

Horses respond to oils similarly as us humans and have a natural attraction to the oil molecules.

Horses have more hair follicles and absorb oils more effectively. Start small and gradually work your way up.

General rule of thumb for horses is 10-15 drop directly (dilute if needed.)

You can also apply topically to the hooves, the frog and coronet band region. Plus, you can soak their hooves for immune support with oil mixture.

Horses can receive all modalities of oil application from topical, to internal to aromatic.

8 Airfreshenerdewdrop.b

Immune Support

When horses and dogs might need occasional immune support, you can give them a drop or more of Thieves Vitality oil in their water or diluted in suppositories (pass around Thieves oil). Diffuse Thieves oil in ultrasonic diffuser in your home and in the same room as your pet as needed. Also good for immune support (and odor support) is Purification and Lemon.


Emotional Support

Working a lot with Animal Rescues, I know all too well that animals can be in need of some of the same types of emotional support that we as human beings need! The stresses of abandonment, illness, natural disaster, and trauma or abuse can lead to anxiousness. Many animals who have experienced these types of things don’t ever get the support they need. But with tender loving care and the help of essential oils, we can gently help our pets feel more calm and secure. Stress Away is a great oil to help dispel anxiousness in your pet. Diffuse in a water-based diffuser or apply by petting to help calm your pet during thunderstorms, fireworks, or taking them to the vet. Diffuse Peace & Calming or lavender oil close to your pet’s kennel or in the same room with them to help them relax and feel calmer as well. T-Away oil contains frankincense and 2 other emotion-balancing essential oils, and is designed to help animals release any negative effects of abuse, neglect, or other emotionally traumatic events from a previous experience or owner. It is pre-diluted in coconut oil. Add 1 drop behind each ear to calm during times of grief or agitation. Diffuse daily to support positive emotional perseverance. Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal.


Cats & Oils

Just like with other animals, start small and gradually increase based on response and benefit.

Working through the fur is the best for the cats.

Cats are notorious for not enjoying bathtime so, what I do in between baths is use the Seedlings Lavender Baby wipes to wipe my cats down while relaxing them in the process.

Don't forget the LITTERAROMA recipe for their litter box and oh my gosh, the cat treats are a favorite for my cats right meow.

Technique Tip

Canine reflexology technique is the same as when doing reflexology on a human, repetitive pressure over a reflex point increases circulation to the corresponding area, and firm unchanging pressure on a reflex point reduces circulation and feeling in the corresponding area.

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve lymph circulation
  • Build trust and bonding
  • Aid in behavioural problems
  • Disperse pain in tensed muscles
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Restore mobility and flexibility
  • Restore homeostasis

Combo all the above with an oil to match support and your dog will be so happy you did! Give Fido a PAWdicure!


To review...


Want more info specifically for dogs? Check out this quick slideshow that includes a further breakdown on each oil plus, fun recipes!

Once a wholesale member, you'll have the privilege of getting 24% off any of our other products that they purchase now or in the future and can get the oils in the Animal  Scents Care Collection for only $96.50 or the Raindrop Technique Collection for $129.75!