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Pre-Young Living, I had tried a handful of MLMs- none delivered on the product (just didn't work) or abundance blessing (made zip) until Young Living (now, what I affectionately refer to as "My Little Ministry.") 💫

👉 Currently, I'm looking for more boss babes to link arms with me on this journey of wellness, purpose & abundance!

My abundance team is all about helping people live the best life possible for as long as God allows. #ChaseLife

Whether you want to:
➡️ Work from home
➡️ Earn products free
➡️ Earn extra $ for vacations & splurges
➡️ Replace a PT or FT job's income
➡️ Pay off debt/mortgage
➡️ Retire early
➡️ Earn residual income for life
➡️ Build & join a community of health and wellness focused individuals

Psst. Since I mentioned money... we're legally required to post a link to our Income Disclosure Statement


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